Christ Statues & Figurines make Condolence and Sympathy Gifts the perfect choice.

Published: 13th August 2010
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The passing of a loved may be difficult, yet a Christ Figurine Statue may bring peace and solace at a very difficult time.

The passing of a loved one is always hard on those around them. For many people they would love to do something to show the family and friends of the loved one, that they are in their thoughts. Sometimes simply saying "I'm thinking of you during this time" just doesn't feel as if you are actively doing during such an emotional and trying time. Growing in popularity is the custom of providing a condolence gift to the family.

For many years the custom of giving gifts during a time of bereavement has been to send flowers or sending a card. Many of these gifts allow a person to show that they are thinking of the family and are trying to help. However, flowers wilt and cards get misplaced. People sometimes want to give a gift that is lasting and memorable. While at the moment flowers and meals are helpful, eventually flowers wilt and meals are quickly consumed and the gifts slowly fade from memory.

A gift that will result in a lasting memory is rare and special. There are many Christ or church figurines that can stand as symbol for the memory of the loved one. Many figurines are available which allows the gifter to pick a figurine that will best represent the memory of that loved one. Figurines last for many years and the memories that will become attached to it will stay forever.

Giving a Christ figurine as a bereavement gift during the grieving process allows the giver to connect with the thoughts of their loved one now spending time with Jesus Christ. What a great emotional comfort thought during a sad and memorable time. Share your Christian values, share your common faith.

Here at Hansen Classics, we receive letters and comments from buyers how much it has brought comfort to the immediate survivors. Whether you live in Maine, Florida, Washington, California or anywhere in our beloved Country, Christ Figurines make the perfect gift at such a difficult life circumstance.

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